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International Conference: “Future of Education”

Como dice el lema de la Conferencia Internacional “Future of Education”, el jueves y viernes estaremos en Florencia (Italia) con  “el objetivo de promover la cooperación transnacional y compartir las buenas prácticas en el ámbito de la innovación para la Educación”.

Voy como miembro del grupo de investigación de la Universidad de Extremadura Ciberdidact, a los que nos han seleccionado cuatro artículos de investigación, y más concretamente voy como autor de uno de ellos:

Subjective Perception of Teachers on the Use of Blogs in the Classroom

Luis Manuel Casas García, Santiago M. Vicente González, Ricardo Luengo
González, Mercedes Mendoza García,,,

Universidad de Extremadura (Spain)


This communication seeks to highlight a research carried out within the CIBERDIDACT group, whose aim was to determine the perceptions of a group of 25 professors, bloggers in the classroom, on the use of this tool in teaching and change in performance and behavior of their students. The process of collecting data was the “information gathering snowball” through the blogs of the informants themselves.. We used the qualitative technique called “Life Stories” from a non-invasive survey, based on stories. The analysis of the results was based on texts collected through the establishment of categories, the Contingency Analysis and Pathfinder Associative Networks techniques. The analysis assumed that, as far as the contingency of two categories occur in several of them, you can quantify the importance of such categories in the group. For its part, Pathfinder associative networks establish relationships between the different categories and allows the graphical representation of the data organization and the possibility of comparing different networks. These tests were carried out through two programs, designed and implemented by the group CIBERDIDACT:  GestMagister (which generates the contingency matrices from texts) and GOLUCA (generating networks and performs the appropriate analysis.) The investigation obtained interesting conclusions about the most important factors that influence teachers to use blogs in the classroom, and about what teachers themselves think about the benefits and potential that the use of blogs can have on the process learning to learn.